Episodes 18+

Episode 21

  • IL bleomycin works for warts [article]
  • ACD in LPP [article]
  • Topical sirolimus works okay for vascular anomalies [article]
  • Sunscreens REALLY get absorbed into your blood [article]
  • Rituximab is effective and ?cost-effective for pemphigus [article]
  • Mice get psoriasis when fed a Western diet [article]

Episode 20

  • Hair dye and breast cancer commentary [article]
  • Basosquamous cell carcinomas are BCCs with ARID1a mutations [article]
  • Dupilumab for kids under 12 [article]
  • RMoM works for HS [article]
  • Nadolol-induced death in infantile hemangioma [article]
  • Dermsphere clip show - episodes 11-20! [archives]

Episode 19

  • Psoriasis and leaky guts [article]
  • 5-FU kills dogs [article]
  • Brimonidine for alcohol-induced flushing [article]
  • The kidneys suffer in adult HSP [article]
  • Prurigo nodularis diagnosis and treatment [article]
  • Trachyonychia resolves spontaneously [article]

Episode 18

  • Transient facial nerve palsy [article]
  • ACD in chronic leg ulcers [article]
  • MTX doesn't work for CSU [article]
  • HRT increases risk of melanoma [article]
  • Hair dye, straightener, and breast cancer [article]
  • Porokeratosis ptychotropica [article]